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Officieel Sharp partnershap voor Udocx

We are happy to announce that starting December 2013 we are an official Sharp partner. Over the past year we have had much contact with Sharp and their reactions to our product have been very encouraging. Udocx is the first software to make use of the full capabilities of OSA 4, overcoming the need for any local software to be installed on site. Sharp MFP?s can communicate directly across the internet with the cloud based Udocx system.

?It is really a matter of minutes to have a customer up and running with Udocx enabling them to scan documents directly to the business application of their choice. We will offer this promising cloud service to our customer base with confidence.? says Daniel Johansson, Product Manager Software & Solutions at Sharp Electronics (Nordic) AB.

The Udocx menu within the Sharp interface can be personalized for each user and provides direct links to specific storage folders. Contact our team now to set up a free trial, all we need to know is your device serial number and you are ok to go. Read more on http://udocx.com/sharp/

Officieel Sharp partnershap voor Udocx



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